The Atelier Studio

The Atelier Studio (Kindergarten)

Logo - The Atelier StudioWith The Atelier Studio model, a child’s progress is documented thoroughly with a focus on how the child is learning, how their learning can be facilitated to ensure their originality, creative thinking, emotional development and social consciousness can blossom during the crucial early childhood years.

The Atelier Studio is an approach based on participation, interaction with local art, environment and community and active citizenship. Interactions and activities involving the child, teacher facilitator and parent are documented at many levels providing ownership and voice to the parents, teachers and the child.

Principles of visual theory and art are applied to age appropriate learning themes to enable knowledge construction for the child. Children are allowed to freely explore, investigate, express, share and construct knowledge from their own lived experiences.

Outcomes for the child:

The child is an emotionally and socially relevant individual contributing to construction of their own knowledge

Children are better prepared to participate and continue in a curriculum with a global perspective eg. IGCSE or IB

Children develop better communication skills, body language , articulation and critical thinking through the integration of arts, language literacy and numerical skills along with a strong focus on environmental awareness

Scientific temperament is incorporated in the form of hypothesis testing to enable a strong foundation in Science and Mathematics

Global culture integrated with art , science and Mathematics provide a holistic and robust foundation for the child’s future

The focus is on connecting the child to the rest of the world through various media, textures and sensory perceptions.

It is important to help children explore, create and develop their imagination and original ideas. We take great pride in being able to provide children with materials, tools and facilitation to be creative. Every child creates original artwork which is a reflection of their own ideas and personal interpretation thereby leading to emotional, social, psychological development at the child’s own pace.

When adults respect the child’s ideas, creativity and originality, room for problem-solving and critical thinking emerge. When children are allowed to make mistakes and then correct them, they understand the process of working and are able to innovate, create and construct knowledge and find new ways to do things.

We accept rolling admission to the Atelier Studio Program (age 2-5 years). Contact us to learn more about our approach to Individualised learning.