The Magnet School

Logo - Magnet SchoolWalden’s Path Magnet School (Grades I – XII) focuses on facilitating ‘The Studio Approach’ with Science, Mathematics, Language & Literature and Social Studies. This approach helps children in understanding concepts and the subject very thoroughly thereby, building a very strong foundation for them.

Learning is a social process and individuals learn from their environments. At The Magnet School, the idea is taken forward with emphasis on learning ‘with Space-Time’ rather ‘than in Space and Time’. The Space-Time construct enables connections across themes rather than across subjects put into boxes and categories. Place based education is the process of creating a safe environment in the community by connecting people to nature, and culture by building interrelationships between people, nature and culture. Place based education focuses on using the local community and environment as starting point to teach and learn concepts in language, arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and other subjects entwined in themes across the curriculum.

Thematic learning across disciplines based on concepts rather than structured lesson plans empowers children to think out of the box and about the world in varied practical perspectives. This provides an avenue to apply their learning in everyday life to include arts, science, mathematics, language development and social studies as one entity rather than different disciplines boxed into categories. Place based education and arts based education entwine as a concept called ‘Spiral learning’ to meet and blossom in your child’s mind and heart at The Magnet school.

Education is a continuous reconstruction of experience with emphasis on the social life of the child rather than individual subjects. The emphasis on hands on, real world learning experiences via the medium of place based education increases academic achievement, synergy, builds stronger interrelationships in the community, leadership and heightened commitment to service and contributing citizenship. As a result of the synergy created, students and teachers are both involved in solving real world problems, teaching and learning as knowledge creators instead of being consumers.

The Magnet School

 Admissions are open for Nursery – Grade II for 2017 academic year. Call us on +91 817 975 7575