Individualised Learning

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What is Individualised Learning?

Exploring the micro worldLearning is a complex, interconnected web, particularly in the early childhood stage. Children need to have the opportunity to learn concepts and construct their own knowledge and understanding in a way that honours child’ ideas.

Individualised learning is an instruction that offers pedagogy, curriculum, and learning environment to meet the individual child’s needs. The experience is tailored to learning preferences and the specific interests of different learners. In an Individualised learning environment, the learning objectives and content, as well as the method and pace, may all vary.

How Do We Do It?

After assessing each child academically and understanding ‘where they are’ in their learning progress, we learn about their strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. Walden’s Path classroom environment has different areas or corners based on needs and abilities to accommodate auditory, visual, and kinesthetic style learners. For example, some corners support inquiry-based, independent learning; while there are separate areas for group activities.

Social-based learning, which gives children the opportunity to collaborate with each other, is important at Walden’s Path. In many cases, the classroom may not be a ‘room’ at all. The learning that takes place outdoors is as vital as that pursued indoors.

Walden’s Path School championed a new way of learning that connects Individualised learning into conventional curricula. To learn more about our approach to Individualised learning, contact us.